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J. J. Hebert's debut novel, Unconventional, became an best seller in three categories on July 19, 2009.

In his spare time (hah!), J. J. moderates the Worldwide Fiction Writers' Group (a group he created), where published and unpublished authors-and editors, literary agents, and publishers-converse freely about the writing process and beyond.

Currently, he lives alone in New England, home to some of the greatest sports teams in the world (for now), where he's at work on his latest novel exness, Saving Dad.

Visit J.J. at his website and on Twitter.

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In short, SpringBrook Audio is an audiobook publisher. That's all we do. We don't publish ebooks or paperbacks. Heck, we don't even make our audiobooks on CD. We believe that the future of distribution is digital and we sell through our own online store. So what does this mean for the author? It means we have no cost of goods, no inventory, no middleman. It means we offer higher commissions than any other publisher we can think of - up to 70% to the author. So head over to the Publish With Us page and see what we can dof or you!

Three thousand years after a chunk of iron the size of Khufu’s pyramid collides with Europa, Jupiter’s sixth moon, an asteroid borne of the collision crashes into Earth’s Arctic ice shelf carrying extraterrestrial microbial life. The first man to come into contact with the microbes hears voices—and then dies.

After determining the meteorite originated from Europa, the Global Exploratory Corporation sends oceanographer and biologist, Kathy Connelly, and her crew to the moon aboard the Surveyor, an experimental spacecraft. They are charged with the task of melting through miles of ice to the hidden ocean beneath exness malaysia, where the search for alien microorganisms begins. But a startling discovery awaits them on the surface of Europa. 


Vast fields of red, plant-like organisms fill the cracks crisscrossing the moon’s surface, surviving on nutrients welling up from the waters below. Intoxicated by thoughts of what might lie beneath, Connelly and her crew activate the Thermal Exploratory System and melt through the ice—toward a world that does not want to be found, toward a force that will do anything to make sure they never leave. 

They search for life. They find death.

About the Author: Jeremy Robinson is the author of six published novels including his hard cover thriller, PULSE and INSTINCT, which are part of his Chess Team series. His books have been translated into eight languages.

Beneath by Jeremy Robinson
Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer


Two years after his wife's death, oceanographer and former navy SEAL, Atticus Young, attempts to reconcile with his rebellious daughter, Giona, by taking her on the scuba dive of a lifetime-swimming with a pod of peaceful humpback whales in the Gulf of Maine. But the beauty of the sea belies a terror from the deep-a horrific creature as immense as it is ancient exness trading. There is no blood, no scream, no fight. Giona is swallowed whole by the massive jaws. Only Atticus remains to suffer the shame of the survivor and his inconsolable grief turns to an unquenchable thirst for revenge.

Drawn by the spectacle, Trevor Manfred, a ruthless billionaire, approaches Atticus with a proposition: Trevor will make available all the advanced technology of his heavily armed mega-yacht, the Titan, to aid Atticus in his death-quest. In return, Trevor is to receive the beast's corpse as the ultimate hunting trophy. But in the midst of the hunt, Atticus makes a terrifying discovery that changes the way he sees the ocean's creatures and begs the question: what is Kronos? The answer sets him on a new and much more deadly course.

About the Author: Jeremy Robinson is the author of four published novels including Antarktos Rising, which is scheduled to be released as an animated feature film in Spring 2010 and PULSE, his upcoming hard cover release from Thomas Dunne Books. Visit Jeremy

Kronos by Jeremy Robinson
Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer


YOUNG JAMES FROST just knows, deep in his bones, that he's a writer. He writes far into early mornings, after his wearying hours of scrubbing toilets and sweeping floors. He loves writing that much.

But it's not only the joy of words that keeps him grinding; it's his desire to retire the janitor's mop. He sees being published as the key to living an improved life. James has another deep-seated conviction: that he's not good enough. He secretly longs to be accepted. However, the conventional others in his life seem all too willing to remind him that he's wasting his time.

Then he meets and falls in love with Leigh, the one bright spot in his endless misery of self-doubt. A quiet but resolutely religious girl, she has to fight off disapproval of her own from overly critical parents, whose insults are countered by James's often-voiced admiration of her. Likewise, Leigh's faith in his talents begins to build his confidence, eventually allowing her to introduce him to a different way to help himself: relying on God.

Ultimately, James's newfound faith is sorely tested to the point of doubt when his dream to be published seems to melt into a mirage, smothered by countless rejection slips from agents and publishers. His faith is also battered by having to fight highly emotional battles and suffer fear and loss. Just when James appears hopelessly sapped by devastating events, one last door opens, and he's rocked by an epiphany.

Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer


How to Succeed in Business While Being Targeted by the FBI, the KGB, the INS, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, Interpol, and Mafia Hit Men.

Representing himself through much of the process, Konanykhin managed to convince an immigration judge of an alleged INS and KGB conspiracy and cover-up. Following the court's admonishment, the INS agreed to drop all charges and also pay $100,000..The judge also ordered an investigation of the Justice Department. In separate actions, Konanykhine subsequently won multimillion dollar libel judgments against two Russian newspapers. A $100 million lawsuit against the Justice Department is pending, alleging perjury, fraud, torture and witness tampering by U.S government officers on behalf of the Russian Mafia. - Los Angeles Daily Journal

Imagine you are a teenage physics genius who quickly amasses a $300 million empire of real estate and banking ventures, has dozens of cars, six hundred employees, several mansions and two hundred bodyguards—but you are nonetheless kidnapped by those you trusted, threatened with torture and death, and have your entire empire stolen from you one dark night in Budapest. You escape with your life by racing through Eastern-block countries and flying to New York on stashed-away passports—only to have the KGB and Russian Mafia hell-bent on your hide and the U.S. government jailing you and conspiring to serve you up into their clutches. All this before your 29th birthday. Sound like a Tom Clancy thriller? No. . . just a slice in the life of Alexander Konanykhine. - Profit magazine

Defiance by Alex Konanykhin
Narrated by Jeffrey Kafer


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At SpringBrook Audio, we're determined to keep the author independent.

This means we don't demand exclusivity or impose any rules. It does mean that you retain ownership of everything you create. The only way for that to happen is for the author to front the costs of production, including the cover art.

We understand that not all authors can afford a fully produced book, so we're happy to produce your book based on your budget and will adjust the royalties accordingly. Head over to to hear demos.

Why don't we pay for the entire audiobook production and cover art like a "real" publisher?

Because then we would own it. And we don't want to take ownership away from you. If we give you a discount on production, then we do ask to be given publishing rights, but we won't ask for ownership of any content.

So what can we offer you?

Since you own the content and have fronted the production costs, we can offer you unheard of commissions of up to 75%. We do this by selling digital-only downloads directly through our own online store. We take care of the transaction fees, advertising costs, the reporting and the bookkeeping. We can pay you through Paypal or cut you a check. The choice is yours.

Let's be honest. There are bigger audiobook distributors out there. But bigger doesn't mean better. None (that we know of) pay out the commissions that we do. And none can offer the same hands-on service that we do.

So take the plunge!

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