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Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy

If the name E.L. James is not high on your list of authors as the seasons are about to change by the time you reach the end of the season, you will. James has written the "Shades of Gray" trilogy.It is a trilogy based on a simple premise: an author receives and assignment to interview a billionaire entrepreneur. That seems like a simple enough assignment but it is far more than that.Working closely with the subject of her interview, Christian Gray, Anastasia Steele, a person who is very innocent in the ways...


How Will You Measure Your Life?

No one could have known, on listening to a commencement address, that the speaker was battling demons no one should have to fight, yet he was doing it and the battle was helping him to form ground-breaking insights, answering many questions that have troubled people for many years.When Dr. Clayton Christensen stood in front of an audience of Harvard Business School graduates two years ago, no one - unless they were very close friends or family - could have known that he was waging a battle that he ultimatel...


Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever

Imagine a President of the United States attending a black-tie event at Ford's Theater, waiting for the comedy to begin, only to have an actor sneak pull back the curtain of the Presidential box, cock and firing a single round into President Abraham Lincoln.The actor, John Wilkes Booth, then leaped to the stage shouting "Sic Semper Tyrannous" - "this is what happens to tyrants" - only to miss his landing and break his leg.He was spirited out of Washington by a series of Confederate sympathizers, many of who...


Book Review: Women With Super Powers

When Elton John sang, "The Bitch is Back" he certainly couldn't have been privy to the "Bitch in Black" that Keith Kornell would bring to life more than 35 years later. Had he known, he wouldn't have made such ado about nothing, for Kornell's character in his novel, Super Born: Seduction of Being, is fierce. She was fierce well before her exposure to the "Epsilon Radiation" that will not only change Scranton, PA forever, but super-size her sexual fervor.In this in-your-face extravaganza of hard-nosed, tough...


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

One day, a while ago, a major computer company held a two-day seminar in how to become a more effective resource for the company and the funny thing was that the conference focused on just seven items.How, we all wondered, could someone become successful using just seven items? We all asked - at the start of the seminar, anyway - how it was possible. Why, one could think, there must be at least 10 or 15 measures and ways to become effective.That was before we were introduced to an international bestseller "...


Mission to Paris: A Novel

Alan Furst, a master story writer and best-selling author, has returned to World War II as the setting for his work Mission to Paris: A Novel. Indeed, the setting for Mission is in the run-up to World War II as the Nazis begin working their mind-games against the French.An American star, Frederic Stahl, is on his way to make film for Paramount and the Nazi propaganda machine's secret department is cranking itself up to use Stahl - or so they think - as part of their plan to destabilize France from within an...


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